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VIBIA Wireflow Free-Form Hanging

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Wireflow FreeForm

Design by Arik Levy

The designer Arik Levy presents the Wireflow free-form pendant light . The Wireflow free-form pendant light consists of black electrical cable connecting light terminals using LED light source. Hanging lamps that can be installed on the ceiling or walls offering the user carte blanche when it comes to creating interior spaces. In this way Vibia offers lighting solutions to clients who only have access to wall plugs but require a hanging lamp fitting. There is an infinite number of options to choose from, between 1 and (up to) 9 LEDs, clients can choose between glass or non-glass versions, ambient or accent lighting.

Electronic transformer

Driver Constant Current 350mA.100-240V. 50/60Hz.
Dimming: 1-10V, Push.

Personalization options available

- Configuration layout at
- LED 3000 K / 4000 K.
- Dimming: DALI or Casambi.
Min. quantity, upcharge and extra lead time apply


Diffuser: Pressed-glass.
Body: Aluminum.
Canopy: Steel.

  Model Number                     Light Source                 


0348 、0361

1xLED 4.5W350mA. LED2700K. CRI>80. 490lm. 109lm/W
0349、0362 2xLED 4.5W350mA. LED2700K. CRI>80. 980lm. 109lm/W
0350、0363 3xLED 4.5W 350mA. LED2700K. CRI>80. 1471lm. 109lm/W
0351、0364 4xLED 4.5W350mA. LED2700K. CRI>80. 1961lm. 109lm/W
0353、0365 5xLED 4.5W350mA. LED2700K. CRI>80. 2451lm. 109lm/W
0355、0366 6xLED 4.5W350mA. LED2700K. CRI>80. 2942lm. 109lm/W
0356、0367 7xLED 4.5W 350mA. LED2700K. CRI>80. 3432lm. 109lm/W
0358、0368 8xLED 4.5W350mA. LED2700K. CRI>80. 3922lm. 109lm/W
0360、0369 9xLED 4.5W350mA. LED2700K. CRI>80. 4412lm. 109lm/W
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