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VIBIA Link XXL Ceiling

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Link XXL

Design by Ramón Esteve

Link XXL lamps are a Ramón Esteve design. The Link XXL collection includes four elements of different size and heights allowing users to create bespoke silhouettes and volumes on the ceiling as required.
Each potential composition of the Link XXL ceiling light collection simply requires a single electrical point which makes it a highly versatile fitting appropriate for all kinds of environments based on the interconnectivity of the modules. The LED light source can also be dimmed.

Electronic transforme

Driver Constant Current 500mA.
110-240V. 50/60Hz.
Dimming: 1-10V , DALI
A maximum of 25 modules can be connected
to a single connection point. For bigger
compositions, check connection system.

Personalization options available

- Configuration layout at
- Finish customization.
(Available options: Vibia color palette).
Min. quantity, upcharge and extra lead time apply.


Body: Polyurethane foam.
Diffuser: Polycarbonate.

 Model Number                        Light Source                     



2 x LED STRIP 11.8W. 500mA.LED 4000 K. CRI >80.

2532 lm. 109 lm/W.

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