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VIBIA Flamingo Hanging

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Design by Antoni Arola

The designer Antoni Arola has created the Flamingo lamps collection for Vibia. A collection of pendant lights that provides an ambient light through a thermoplastic translucent diffuser which performs like a spot light thanks to its LED light source. The Flamingo collection combines an impacting and poetic aesthetic with functional design and performance.

Vibia manufactures the Flamingo lamp in a variety of models as part of the same concept so that the user can select the fitting that is most appropriate to their décor. Available in several finishes reflecting current design trends.

Electronic transformer

Driver Constant Current 500mA.
110-240V. 50/60Hz.
Dimming: 1-10V, Push.

Personalization options available
- LED 3000 K / 4000 K.
- Dimming: DALI or Casambi.
- Extra cable length.
Min. quantity, upcharge and extra lead time apply.

          Model Number       
                            Light Source                            

2 x LED 5.6W 500mA. Led 2700 K. CRI >80.

1389 lm. 124 lm/W.


3 x LED 5.6W 500mA. Led 2700 K. CRI >80.

2083,3 lm. 124 lm/W.


1 x LED 5.6W 500mA. Led 2700 K. CRI >80.

694,4 lm. 124 lm/W.


4 x LED 5.6W 500mA. Led 2700 K. CRI >80.

2777 lm. 124 lm/W.

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