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TERZANI Soscik Hanging

Original price $21,875.00 - Original price $98,750.00
Original price
$21,875.00 - $98,750.00
Current price $21,875.00


Reinventing the classics. With Soscik, Terzani combines traditional, artisan techniques with cutting edge technology to give the traditional chandelier a modern update. Over the plated frame, Soscik creates a dramatic and romantic effect, while still being able to compliment today’s modern luxury. Available as a chandelier or a ceiling lamp, Soscik proves that modern design does not have to sacrifice luxury. Design Nicolas Terzani.

Model Number Light Source Electronic Transformer
G55S G9 LED dimmable 8 x 3,5W all system
G56S G9 LED dimmable 12 x 3,5W all system
G57S G9 LED dimmable 14 x 3,5W all system


G9 Led light bulbs are not included
On site minimum adjustable overall height 115cm


G9 Led light bulbs are not included


G9 Led light bulbs are not included