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TERZANI Anish Floor

Original price $8,250.00 - Original price $9,925.00
Original price
$8,250.00 - $9,925.00
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A playful study of reflection, the idea for Anish was born when designer Dodo Arslan, while playing with his daughter, became fascinated by the almost infinite reflections spoons unleashed due to their concave and convex surfaces. Taking this idea to a larger scale, Dodo took inspiration from Italian flatware manufacturer and created a pendant composed of a range of spoons from the smallest teaspoon to serving spoons which magnifies the reflective quality of this shape. The result is an installation that creates a “galaxy” effect of seemingly endless light. Design Dodo Arslan.

Model Number Light Source Dimming Transformer

Integrated LED boards 6 x 4,5W 3180 lm

 CRI 90 3000K