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CoeLux® 45 HC

by CoeLux
Original price $87,000.00 - Original price $123,000.00
Original price
$87,000.00 - $123,000.00
Current price $87,000.00

CoeLux 45 HC

CoeLux® 45 HC is the largest of the CoeLux systems; a window of approximately 1.5 m2 that can be installed on the ceiling, faithfully reproducing a blue sky and a bright sun. This advanced high-tech system is the first CoeLux product on the market since 2014, which recreates a feeling of depth and infinite space.

A 45-degree beam of light is emitted by the system and, passing through the CoeLux panel, projects a warm spotlight with defined outlines.

A diffused light with a strong blue component, similar to the luminous effect of the sky, slightly colours the shadows inside the space.

The CoeLux 45 HC system is also available in the Sun & Moon version: a spectacular night-time scenario that reconnects us with the first celestial object we can see clearly with the naked eye: the moon.